Curriculum vitae

   Dr. Md. Wahid uz Zaman

   Department of Agricultural Chemistry
   Bangladesh Agricultural University
   Mymensingh 2202, Bangladesh
    Phone: (091) 55 695 ext. 2383, Fax: (091) 55 810

Research Interest:

1. Phytoremedation of heavy metals from polluted Soils:

Speciation of soil and water pollution due to heavy metals like As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo, Co, Pb and Hg. Identification of naturally grown heavy metal loving plants with their uptake and translocation pattern. To find out a new sustainable technology for the mitigation of soil heavy metal pollution.

2. Agricultual utilizatim of municipal and Industrial waste - an attempt towards clean technology:

Composting of wastes from dustbin refine, poultry litter, tannery waste sewage sludge, pharmaceutical and agro-industrial waste. Assessment of soil pollution caused by heavy metal from the aforesaid wastes. Influence of wastes on crop yield and quality as a substitute of FYM. Residual effect of wastes on agro-ecosystems including soil and groundwater. Management of wastes to device a sustainable clean technology for Bangladesh urban areas.

3. Ground and surface water pollution and it's Impact on agre-ecoxystem:

Pollution assessment of water sources. Impact of polluted water on yield and food chain. Evaluation of soil nutrient buildup and depletion due to long-term groundwater irrigation.