BAU at a Glance:

Bangladesh Agricultural University was established as the East Pakistan Agricultural University on 18 August 1961. The present name was adpoted in 1972. The University is 4 kilometer south of the Mymensingh town and occupied 1200 Acres areas by the side of Old Brahamputra river. It consists of 6 faculties and 41 departments. Among them, 8 departments belong the faculty of Veterinary Science, 15 belong to Agriculture, 5 belong to Animal Husbandry, 5 belong to Ari-Econ & Rural Sociology, 4 belong to Agri-Engineering & Technology and 4 belong to Fisheries faculty. The number of total academic staffs is 394. The university has already produced 12, 028 graduates, 3,508 postgraduates (M.Sc./M.S.) and 44 Ph.D.

 Around 90 different research projects are now in progress under the supervision of BAU Research System (BAURES). The BAU is operating agriculture extension programmes in 22 villages of Mymensingh Sadar thana under the direct supervision of BAU Extension Center (BAUEC).The BAU already conducted 296 training & short term pre-service and in-service courses, including 14 international courses through the Graduate Training Institute.

The unversity is composed of six faculties covering all aspects of agricultural education and research. They are as follows: Faculty of Veterinary Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology and Faculty of Fisheries

Moreover, there are some other academic & research components associated with the University, which are: Graduate Training Institute, Committee for Advance Studies and Research (CASR) and Bangladesh Agricultural University Research System (BAURES).
(Information sources: The Bangladesh Agricultural University Diary 1997 and the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook 1996-97)

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Update: 16 December 1997