Degree Programmes
Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology

Bachelor Degree Programme

The faculty runs a four-year Bachelor degree programme to offer a B.Sc.Ag.Econ.(Hons.) degree. There are currently about 250 undergraduate students in the faculty. The curricular layout of the programme is as follows.

Part I
Principles of Economics
Rural Sociology - I
Govt. and Public Administration

Part II
Money and Banking
Public Finnance
International Economics
Mathematical Economics
Political History & Constitution

Part III
Production Economics
Land Economics *
Principles of Cooperation
Economy of Bangladesh
Agricultural Marketing
Statistics - II *

Part IV
Farm Management
*Patterns of Economic Development/Econometrics
Agricultural Finance
Research Methodology *
Agricultural Prices *
Agricultural Policy & Planning
Agricultural Extension

* includes both theory and practical courses.

Master Degree Programme

The Departments of Agricultural Economics, Cooperation & Marketing, and Agricultural Finance run a three-semester 32 credit hours Masters Programme to offer an M.S. in Agricultural Economics degree with thesis specialization in Production Economics, Cooperation, Marketing and Finance. A separate 46 credit hours M.S. in Agricultural Statistics degree is also offered by the Department of Agricultural Statistics. There are currently about 135 Masters students.

Ph.D. Programme

The departments also have research based Ph.D. programmes. There are currently 6 Ph.D. students enrolled in the different departments.

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